What is there for me in the IDF School of Diabetes?

The IDF School of diabetes brings you a one-stop centre which will have features to facilitate the collaboration between peers and experts and also allow access to the IDF webcasts, expert opinion articles, newsletters and daily diabetes news updates.

The IDF School of diabetes brings you tailored-made online interactive courses specifically designed for nurses, educators, primary care physicians, general practitioners and specialists.

Who can join the IDF School of Diabetes?

  • All health professionals involved in diabetes prevention, management and care
  • People with diabetes and caregivers
  • Any professional involved in diabetes related activities

Online Certificate courses mentions three groups viz Primary Care physicians, Specialists and Diabetes Educators. Where do I have to register?

The selection on the courses is primarily based on the current practice of the user and has been designed to meet the learning needs of the users in that area. At the successful completion of the course the user will be able to get the "IDF School of diabetes Course Completion Certificate”.

IDF School of diabetes recommends the following target audiences:

  • IDF Course for Primary Care Physician: Family physicians, General Practitioners…
  • IDF Course for Diabetes Educator Course: Nurses, Assistants to physicians…
  • IDF Course for Specialists: Diabetologists, Consultants…

How do I register?

Yes, it’s easy. Please click here.

I want to know more about the courses before I purchase them.

The user can click on the respective category to know more about the course details like learning objective of the course, target audience, seat time and course fees.

Once the user has subscribed to the course, only then they will be able to see the modules under the course and attempt them.

What are the Key features of the IDF School of Diabetes?

  • Tailor-made Online Certificate Courses for health professionals
  • Collaboration Centres which consist of Discussion forum and Opinion poll
  • Resource Library consisting of e-Newsletter, Daily Updates, Videos and Expert opinion

You are required to register to access any of the above mentioned feature.

What is Discussion Forum?

This unique platform allows users to start a new discussion or to participate in any of the ongoing discussions. Once a discussion thread is inactive for three months, it will be archived and all archived threads will be available for your reference or general reading.

You are required to register through the IDF or social logins to participate in Discussion Forum

What does Expert Opinion Articles comprise of?

Articles on specific topics developed by KOLs and eminent experts will be posted in this section. Further discussion on the article can be raised under discussion forum by posting the questions.

What is Resource Library?

This section is a one-stop to access the content related to diabetes. This section hosts selected webcast videos from both partners websites and IDF congresses, expert opinion articles, e-newsletters and news updates on diabetes.

What do we have in Videos section?

Selected webcasts from IDF congresses and IDF partners will be available in this section. New videos shall be updated on a regular basis.

I have subscribed to the course. What do I have to do?

Each course will have specific number of modules. Each module is divided into two categories: learning modules with pre-test and post-test and informative video(s) and other resources related to the module.

The user will have to clear the post-test questions by at least 80% score for each module in the course to be eligible for the "IDF School of diabetes Course Completion Certificate”. The certificate will have the details like user name (as registered on IDF School of Diabetes) and course title.

I have attempted the module but the certificate option is not viewable. What do I do?

The user needs to pass each module in the course to be eligible for generating the certificate. We recommend you to keep a track by ensuring that all e-learning modules show “Passed / completed” status to ensure that you can generate the certificate.

I have completed the modules successfully. Where do I look for Certificate option?

Once you have successfully completed the modules, at the end of all the modules, a new banner will appear that will have the option to generate and print the certificate. Kindly click on the option to generate the certificate.

I would like to change the name of the certificate. What do I do?

To maintain the confidentiality and authenticity of the program, the system will not allow you to change the name on certificate.

We recommend you to register with the name you wish to see on the certificate. The certificate will capture both first name (FN) and last name (LN) with sequence followed as FN-LN.

For any further information, please contact us.