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Dear Professor / Doctor,

As part of our contribution to promote scientific exchange and medical education, we are pleased to send this letter to confirm the details of Sanofi’s support for you to participate in:

  • The Kenya General Practitioners National Online Diabetes Training, 2019 at a value of 150 Euros
  • Such training is managed by the International Diabetes Federation (“IDF”).

    Sanofi is committed to ensure that its interactions with healthcare professionals are conducted in an entirely appropriate and ethical manner. Therefore, this invitation is not extended to constitute an inducement to prescribe, purchase, supply, sell, administer or recommend any Sanofi product or service nor reward you for present, past or future support to obtain or retain Sanofi business activities.

    We would like to inform you that this invitation is exclusive to you only.

    By accepting this invitation, you also declare that there is no applicable law or regulation that may limit your ability to accept this invitation or may require any further approvals from any government body or entity for this purpose. Also, if required by applicable law, regulation, or policy, you have notified your employer about your acceptance and attendance to this event. You agree to comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules (including the internal rules and guidelines of the University, Hospital or other organization where you work), as well as with the ethical rules applicable to the medical profession in your country of residence.

    During this training, personal data might be collected by IDF through their e-learning platform and a data processing of the information collected might be performed by IDF to which you expressly agree. Certain data (such as contact information) might be transferred to Sanofi to manage the training program. Sanofi and IDF undertake to comply with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations.